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Our  culture

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BARAKAT Plc, a subsidiary company and pioneer of BARAKAT, is the result of many years of work.

  •  2000-2006: From FADIMEX to BARAKAT Ltd

It began with the creation of FADIMEX Ltd in 2000. FADIMEX was the result of the joint effort of two ladies, who are dynamic and share a common view on women entrepreneurship in Cameroon and Africa. Thanks to their knowhow, a few years later they launched in to the Building and Civil Engineering Works sector (cover and restoration of furniture), electricity (High voltage line cleaning) and Shipchandling.

A strategic repositioning urged Mrs. Fernanda COELHO, one of the partners to leave FADIMEX and incorporate another company at the end of the year 2005.

The FADIMEX project ended there for Mrs COELHO who had from that time the responsibility of managing BARAKAT Ltd.

  • 2006: Difficult beginnings for  BARAKAT Ltd

It was not easy to gain customer’s trust during the early periods. Gradually and through a partnership with French companies SOCOMET and TOTAL CAMEROON, the first schipchandling service for three Israeli ships was given to BARAKAT Ltd as their first contract between 2007 and 2008. This permitted BARAKAT Ltd to provide service to ship owners one of which is the ship JASCON from SEATRUCKS Group.

  • 2007: IMPA and ISSA Partner

BARAKAT Ltd becomes a member of  ISSA communities (International Ship suppliers & Services) and IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association) this has enabled BARAKAT to adequately satisfy their customer's needs.

  •     Number 1 in Shipchandling in Cameroon in 2009 

According to SHIPSERV, among the shipchandling companies listed in Cameroon, BARAKAT confirmed its leadership in terms of volume of transactions in 2009. This led BARAKAT to be at the top position for shipchandling in Cameroon.

  • 2009: Extension of technical knowhow of the company to making temporary staff available to companies.
  • 2010: Creation of a catering unit for offshore and onshore
  • 2011: From BARAKAT Ltd to BARAKAT Plc

5 years after its creation, BARAKAT SA has assisted and satisfied its customers’ expectations in petroleum and shipping which has resulted to the increase of customers, and consequently its turnover as well. The legal status of the company then moved from private limited company (Ltd) to public liability company (Plc).

  • -  Since 2012: Launch of Safety training at work

We are proud of our vocation which is quality of service and respect for deadlines which contributes favorably to the progress and amelioration of performance both for offshore and onshore companies. This is why BARAKAT is powered under the slogan: TOUCH OF QUALITY for industrial compagnies with an ever-growing demand for quality.

BARAKAT SA upholds the values of the group of companies. Barakat SA maintains its identity and image closely to its customers and shareholders as all its collaborators are bound to these four (4) values:

  • Safety

Safety is our main goal and guide line.  Our employees have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and safety equipment suitable for good working conditions permanently allocated to them. We contribute to customer success by security actions we lead and the personalized services that we offer.

  • Excellence

Our Goal is to offer our customers value added services more than what they would expect. To achieve this, we anticipate the market needs and respond quickly to requests.

  • Respect for our Commitments

For us respecting our commitments means to be able to act in order to be able to satisfy the needs of our customers and even go beyond their expectations. Each of our staff is responsible for respecting his commitments towards customers, internal and external partners and in so doing apply our code of business ethics.

  •  Team spirit

We have developed a very significant interest for working in teams, sharing of competences and solidarity both among us and towards our partners. The power of working in teams is the cornerstone of our strategy for progress.


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