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Our  identity

  • About  BARAKAT

BARAKAT SA is a shipping and onshore services company which proposes a unique range of innovative solutions adapted to the need of shipping, petroleum and industrial organizations in the following areas:  SHIPCHANDLING-SHIPPING REPRESENTATION-CATERING & SAFETY TRAINING.

In our vocation, we believe strongly that, the quality of service as well the respect of the deadlines; contribute considerably to the progress and the amelioration of performance of offshore and onshore companies. That is why we receive and deliver Touch Of Quality Services for industries whose expectations increase continuously.

Founded in Douala by Mrs. Fernanda COELHO, BARAKAT has diversified its activities into its areas of expertise with high added value. The creation of several companies was done, namely: BARAKAT SA, BARAKAT Emploi Services and DIAVARA SUPERMAKET.

We design and deliver competitive solutions both to shipping and petroleum industries and for similar industries and tertiary sectors: Building and Civil Engineering Works, Mining, Telecommunications, Transports, Agro-industrial, Agricultural, Forests, Banks, Insurance...


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