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Message  from  the  CEO

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website www.

BARAKAT SA, a Cameroonian company, is today one of the best companies in Central Africa and involves in different strategic activities: SHIPCHANDLING-CATERING-SHIPPING AGENCY & SAFETY TRAINING.

With considerable effort made since its creation, we have witnessed a continuous growth which has enabled us to create and deliver various innovative solutions for shipping, petroleum and industrial companies, which are affordable and provide competitive advantage.

We started as a Limited Liability company, and we have been able to make our mark as point of reference in central Africa, we have achieved these because, unlike our competitors, we are strongly focused on our main goal, our cornerstone and our biggest point of satisfaction which is always the CUSTOMER. Secondly, we have invested a lot on our training, the development of our logistic infrastructure and the appropriate choice of suppliers. Lastly because our staff are guided by a platform of key values that boosts their motivation: Safety-Excellence-Respect of commitments and Team Spirit.

Due to the quality of our service and the respect of our standards, Barakat's priorities remain the respect of deadliness and satisfying customer's expectations. As proof, BARAKAT S.A is a member of international Ship suppliers & Services Association (ISSA) and also a member of  IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association), a recognition that distinct Barakat from its competitors.

Barakat is a Pan African Company from Cameroon and believes in sub-regional integration like the CEMAC.  We are significantly in favor of attracting foreign direct investments in to Africa as a factor for economic growth and promotion of our wealth.

We are proud of the interest you have taken in BARAKAT SA. We encourage you to learn more about our company by visiting our website and also the website of the other branch of our group :

               Fernanda COELHO
                   CEO BARAKAT


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