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Our commitments

  • Our  code  of  business  ethics
  • Quality  declaration
  • Safety  & Health Policy
  • Diversity  and  CSR
  • Quality policy

BARAKAT SA ethics policy emanates from the group’s general policy. It makes sure that activities are performed to the highest standards, integrity and professionalism, both within and outside the company.


o   Respect for the laws

In every region we operate, BARAKAT SA staff respect the laws in force. Each employee who works in an area where the company operates must respect the laws of the region in which its activities are carried out. In case of doubt, employees should immediately consult his superiors.

o   Integrity

The employees of BARAKAT SA are under the obligation not to damage the reputation of the company, to maintain the integrity of its holdings and its information system.

In no situation will an employee of BARAKAT SA accept gifts and benefits from suppliers, unless it is symbolic or promotional. Likewise, no one will propose or grant such presents or benefits to secure a deal.

o   Relationship with the suppliers

BARAKAT SA selects its suppliers on the basis that they meet the criteria to deliver the required objectives based solely on the customers’ interest. Top performance and excellence are expected from suppliers in order to enable the company completely satisfy its customers’ expectations. The group refuses to resort to suppliers who might not respect local and tax laws.

o   Relationship with customers

Each employee should respect the principles and integrity of the customers. Considering the nature of the products and service to be delivered by the company, No compromise is acceptable in the field of security.

o   Relationship with shareholders

BARAKAT SA and its employees provide shareholders with comprehensive, transparent and formal information. It is attentive to the implementation of the principles and local recommendations, sub-regional and international matters of corporate governance.


             o   Respect for confidential information.

Each employee, depending on his position, has access to confidential information, even if partial and it represents an important asset to the company and must not be shared with competitors.

At the same time, in each company in the group, everyone is expected to ensure all useful information needed to accomplish work, flows properly within and outside the company with the appropriate stakeholders. Also each employee of the group must make sure that this information is always accurate.

          o   Respect for people

Barakat SA ensures equal opportunity for all employees. Recruitment is based exclusively on professional qualifications, without discrimination. It guarantees the respect for their dignity and privacy. The supervisory authority must be exercised with restraint and discretion and not lead to any abuse or harassment.



 The customer: our energy, our priority and our reason for being

Three pillars of our quality policy to improve the expected performance.

1.   We devote all our energy to establish a quality approach and personalized services to our customers.

  • We are committed to maintain a business relationship based on listening to customers and understanding their needs.  
  • We regularly listen to our customers by establishing a convenient supervision which makes it possible to identify their explicit and implicit demands.
  • We respond to customer inquiries by providing them with skills relevant to their business, as well as innovative solutions that provide them with productivity gains.

2.    We initiate and deploy best practices oriented customers 

  • We quickly propose corrective actions in case of detection of non-compliance to our customers’ requests.
  • We ensure the adequacy of the level of skills related to customer requests and relevant training and recruitment implemented.
  • We develop our ability to improve our responsiveness and to outperform our customers’ expectations.

3.    We select the best suppliers, partners and work tools to reach our quality objectives.

  • We commit ourselves to select the best suppliers who respect tax laws and are able to put products at our disposal that are in accordance with our customers’ needs.
  • We progress gradually in using recognized tools and methodology and make the validation of our compliance by external organisms.
  • We have an international culture that enables us to share and compare our experience with those of the biggest local and international groups.

The key to our ambition:

To benefit from our customers with our progress

                         Douala, 15th  february 2013

                   Fernanda COELHO, CEO 


Political Security, Health and Environment

Barakat SA is committed to safety, the prevention of physical and psychological harm to the health of its staff, and the preservation of the environment.

The realization of this commitment requires 3 prerequisites Barakat SA has self-imposed.

  • A preliminary definition of  HSE objectives
    •    Ensure the security and physical integrity of our staff wherever they operate
    •    Respect for international standards of hygiene.
    •    Reduce the risks and dangers of accidents.
    •    Meet the legal requirements and standards relating to the environment.
  •  The operation of the HSE Policy
    •    Control specific risks  to each site where we operate by identifying, analyzing, assessing  and training of staffs
    •    Check application on the ground for prevention devices and measure their effectiveness,
    • Analyze any event that has affected the safety, security and health of people, goods and the environment to improve our devices 
    • Promote the involvement of exemplary staff. 
  • The Commitment of  Top Management

I, Mrs. Fernanda Coelho have undertaken to ensure the QHSE policy is implemented within our organization and its various entities, to respect our values and maintain the objectives clearly defined by our QHSE policy.

It is with a continuous effort, individual and collectively, that we would achieve all our objectives.

Fernanda COELHO


a.    Diversity

For us, diversity is seen as a factor multiplier of performance and skills.

b.   Our CSR policy

Barakat SA has placed Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for sustainability of its activities.

In concrete terms, the gradual formalization of a process of Corporate Social Responsibility Company aims to offer Barakat SA predisposition to provide coherent and sustainable responses to stakeholder expectations on social, environmental and economic issues.

a)        Social Responsibility

With the help of our employees and within the framework of constructive exchanges, we strive to make our corporation a referential employer and facilitate the transmission of our know-how into every aspect of our job.

o    Respecting diversity at all levels of the company,

o    Develop social initiative.

b)        Environmental

o    Reply to the health requirements of our employees ;

o    Encourage employees to focus on initiatives and friendly practices that help preserve the workplace and the environment.

c)         Economic

o   Continue to manage our customer and respect our commitments.

o  With our partners and suppliers, we implement solutions and innovative products  with less impact on our environment and develop a purchasing policy called "Responsible".



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