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Diversity  and  CSR

a.    Diversity

For us, diversity is seen as a factor multiplier of performance and skills.

b.   Our CSR policy

Barakat SA has placed Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for sustainability of its activities.

In concrete terms, the gradual formalization of a process of Corporate Social Responsibility Company aims to offer Barakat SA predisposition to provide coherent and sustainable responses to stakeholder expectations on social, environmental and economic issues.

a)        Social Responsibility

With the help of our employees and within the framework of constructive exchanges, we strive to make our corporation a referential employer and facilitate the transmission of our know-how into every aspect of our job.

o    Respecting diversity at all levels of the company,

o    Develop social initiative.

b)        Environmental

o    Reply to the health requirements of our employees ;

o    Encourage employees to focus on initiatives and friendly practices that help preserve the workplace and the environment.

c)         Economic

o   Continue to manage our customer and respect our commitments.

o  With our partners and suppliers, we implement solutions and innovative products  with less impact on our environment and develop a purchasing policy called "Responsible".


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