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Quality  declaration



 The customer: our energy, our priority and our reason for being

Three pillars of our quality policy to improve the expected performance.

1.   We devote all our energy to establish a quality approach and personalized services to our customers.

  • We are committed to maintain a business relationship based on listening to customers and understanding their needs.  
  • We regularly listen to our customers by establishing a convenient supervision which makes it possible to identify their explicit and implicit demands.
  • We respond to customer inquiries by providing them with skills relevant to their business, as well as innovative solutions that provide them with productivity gains.

2.    We initiate and deploy best practices oriented customers 

  • We quickly propose corrective actions in case of detection of non-compliance to our customers’ requests.
  • We ensure the adequacy of the level of skills related to customer requests and relevant training and recruitment implemented.
  • We develop our ability to improve our responsiveness and to outperform our customers’ expectations.

3.    We select the best suppliers, partners and work tools to reach our quality objectives.

  • We commit ourselves to select the best suppliers who respect tax laws and are able to put products at our disposal that are in accordance with our customers’ needs.
  • We progress gradually in using recognized tools and methodology and make the validation of our compliance by external organisms.
  • We have an international culture that enables us to share and compare our experience with those of the biggest local and international groups.

The key to our ambition:

To benefit from our customers with our progress

                         Douala, 15th  february 2013

                   Fernanda COELHO, CEO 



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