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It is a restaurant service offered by our experts in nutrition and dietetics applied to oil companies, marine, mining and industrial activities in full compliance with HACCP requirements.


This gastronomic activity allows to:

  •      Create and serve basic services life in very remote geographical locations whether onshore or offshore,
  •      Produce food : the production capacity of Barakat  SA meals is over 1000 meals/day
  •      Customize meals according to customers’ demand and even their health profile.
  • Step 1: Indicate your geographical location of your work site (region, division, sub-division) and your needs (Grocery – Frozen products- Fresh food – provision and Bonded store - Drinks - Tobacco – Hygiene and cleaning products). Send us your request by email, fax or phone.
  • Step 2: We then locate your work site and reply to your needs by a proposal of contract whose terms should be validated by the Top Manager of your company.
  • Step 3 : We receive your order after of validation  of our proposal price list
  • Step 4: We deliver goods and services to match your business in order to provide you with a healthy diet according to the terms of our contract.
  • Respect of cold chain
  • Specialist of natural products
  • Respect of QHSE procedures
  • Availability of stocks
  • Adaptability and personalized solutions for restoration in accordance with the requirements of food safety standards.

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